Secure Tools

Shell History: Expansion, Capture and Reporting

With the amount of local user access and / or offshoring, tracking the command history has become a difficult process for Security administrators and Auditors. As Users have become more active in setting up personal profiles and remove tracking from their local history, this just creates one more vector that has to be address to reduce risk.

Ksh93 with remote logging capabilities

Remote logging for Aix, Red Hat, CentOS and Fedora
This came about from the request of Dana French, Lance Lenz and several others, to David Korn for a way to log key-strokes to a remote server.
After a period of time David had a miraculous idea,
key-stroke-logging to a remote server
Whatever the story, we got what was needed 🙂

Contact OZUS, as we compile for your environment.
Requires NON-DISCLOSURE (NDA) from both parties and a Statement of Work (SoW).