Sherrill Lenz

Chairman of the Board, President & Chief Executive Officer

Sherrill started her career at Sterling Pharmaceutical as a Junior Accounts Clerk. The Australian recession of 1975, forced Sherrill to be retrenched (laid-off). Instead of waiting for a government hand-out, Sherrill used the time to increase her accounting knowledge. In less then a year, she was working at Lilly Industries (Eli Lilly and Company). Sherrill worked her way up to Senior Financial Clerk. A friend of hers said she had spent too much time indoors and should see the world.

Sherrill, having both Australian and British citizenship, decided to try something completely different.
With her outgoing personality, she went to work for a travel agency in the UK.
After a few years and three world tours, Sherrill decided to make a difference in the world and volunteered with Mercy Ships as an Accounts Clerk.
During her years at Mercy Ships, Sherrill streamlined the accounting department providing continuity between the hospital ships and the corporate office.

Sherrill formed OZUS in 1990 to provide business continuity and security consulting to non-profit organizations.

Lance Lenz

Innovation and Technology
Lance started his computer career in the late 70’s, building and hacking a SWTPC 6800, forerunner to the modern PC.
Lance was not just interested in hardware, but software and the UNIX operating system. Main Frames were great, but their cost prevented exploration. DOS was in infancy and had design limits. UNIX was wide open, where great engineers were staking their claims. He went to the book store, picked up “The C Programming Language” by Kernighan / Ritchie and has never looked back.

Lance has more than three decades in Communications, Computer Information Systems, and Security.
Lance has worked for several distinguished, global corporations in the world; ROLM, IBM, JedCo and Mercy Ships. During his tenure at Mercy Ships, a non-profit organization using hospital ships to bring hope and healing to the nations, Lance designed the Crew and Donor Management System. In 1996, it won Computer-world’s coveted Smithsonian award, “Honoring Those Who Use Information Technology to Benefit Society.”

Lance, working with American Auto-mobile Association (AAA) – Western and Central New York, designed a 3″x3″ military grade 286 computer, for the their digital dispatch system.
This was a great success, with over 400 units shipped, and zero (0) failures in the disparate temperature ranges of the north western New York.

With years of vulnerability and penetration testing, Lance adheres to the fact that security processes must be interwoven into business continuity, creating a culture that reflects the very health, vitality and integrity of a business. The future of business in this great nation, rests on free enterprise that adopts the proper security methodologies.

Countries of engagement:
United States, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Western Samoa

Common tag line on his E-mail:
(It’s good to be the King)